Breathe with Marie (Group Session)

I am so excited to share breath work with you. It’s a simple and yet powerful healing technique which helps to clear away negative emotions and heavy energy from the past. It’s a powerful way of awakening your own energy and of reconnecting you with yourself.

After enjoying breath work you may experience any of the following; feeling lighter, less anxious and stressed, feeling more connected to yourself and your intuition, feeling more courageous in speaking your truth and standing up for yourself, having clarity over what you really want and need, feeling the need to release toxic relationships, asserting healthy boundaries, and being able to trust in life.

If you have never tried breath work before, you may be about to have the most powerful and transformational experience of your life. Just bring an open mind and an open heart.


I recently had my first on-line breath work session with Marie. Marie is such a beautiful soul and she has a way of making you feel completely at ease, she created a very safe and nurturing space for the session. Marie has a real gift for holding space, she has a lovely calm voice and a gentle way of guiding you through the process. I really enjoyed the session and it was amazing to experience how powerful and healing our breath is. I finished the session in a state of complete bliss! I would highly recommend experiencing one of Marie’s breath work sessions and I can’t wait for my next one. (Chris Squires - Yoga Teacher)

“Breath Work, in itself, is amazing, however, when you undertake Breath Work with someone like Marie, someone who holds the energetic space beautifully and with great strength, it’s like nothing I have every experienced before. I have had the opportunity to experience Breath Work in both group sessions and in personal 1-1’s and each experience has been amazing. Whilst the experience during a personal 1-1 session is exactly that, very personal and, therefore, incredibly powerful, the experience I enjoyed in a group session was in no way diluted. Marie holds the energy so beautifully and with such confidence and ease, whether you’re in a group or alone. Breath Work is a truly powerful and enriching experience. My life feels lighter and healthier as a result”. (Viv McAlister - Angel Light Worker)

"Breath work has been a powerful experience for me. I can certainly notice the shifts and differences (for the better) in my life after a session. I feel totally at ease with Marie on the sessions, and trust her implicitly with holding space for me whilst I work through shifting negative energy in my body. There is something very grounding, comforting and special in how Marie holds space for you and works with you energetically. If you haven’t tried it already, I recommend you at least give it a go’. (Kelly Hailes - Health Coach & Wellness Advocate)


  1. When picking your time slot, please ensure you have selected the right time zone for you - these are all based on BST/GMT as I am based in the UK. The calendar uses the 24 hour clock, so if it displays with 02.00, it means 2am your time!

  2. Don’t worry that the slots are stated as 2 hours long, this is just to ensure I have enough time between sessions and to ground and check in on the kids.

Liability Waiver (2021)

If you have any of the following conditions, it’s essential that you contact your doctor or health care provider before joining a session. Unfortunately, I can not accept any liability for what may happen if you partake in a session with these existing conditions. By booking and/or paying for the session, you are accepting full liability for your own experience and outcome of breath work. If you are in any way concerned about joining a session, I would suggest that breath work is probably not for you at this time. You would be very welcome to email me before a session to discuss further. Existing conditions to be mindful of before taking a breath work class are:

• Cardiovascular problems
• High or abnormal blood pressure
• History of aneurysms
• Epilepsy or history of seizures
• If you’re on heavy medication
• You have severe psychiatric symptoms, in particular psychosis or paranoia
• Bipolar depression
• Osteoporosis
• If you have had any recent surgery
• Glaucoma
• Pregnancy
• If you have an active addictive
• If you have any other mental illness where you require support or treatment

Disclaimer (2020)

Marie is a fully qualified Kinesiologist, EFT practitioner, Strategic Intervention Coach, Breath Work Practitioner, Reiki Master and Transformational Bodywork Practitioner and holds all relevant certifications and insurance relevant to these practices. Marie is not a doctor, registered dietitian, psychotherapist, nutritionist or psychologist.

Marie is considered alternative or complementary by Western health care professionals and does not replace conventional or current health treatment. Marie does not provide medical diagnosis, or consultations related to health, medical, or psychiatric issues. It is expected that you will take full responsibility for your own health and well-being and accept the outcomes of any advice and treatment received, and any session you partake in. You will also liaise with your health care professions when it comes to medication, supplements, and your diet.

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